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Since the dawn of humanity people have been embarking on shamanic journeys to honour the old and birth the new. 


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The Revolutionary Journeymen Collective Experience

The deeply intensive work we offer our international community is highly personalized where your journey is of utmost importance and the focus is on you. We honour your highest potential by creating space in a luxurious environment which leads to an ultra high quality experiential discovery process. 

The Journey Education & Discovery Institute is located in the world-renowned province of British Columbia, Canada. As contemporary shamans, The Journeymen Collective facilitate by guiding people through a revolutionary shamanic journey that allows you to discover and foster your connection to the quantum universe so that you intentionally create your visionary reality.

All journeys The Journeymen Collective curate are exclusive offers that include a total of 6 months of highly personalized support including:

  • 10 weeks of intensive personalized support for preparation and integration that includes guided meditation and energetic activations.

  • 4 full days of intensive work: including 2 deeply intensive plant medicine ceremonies and two full days of integration. 

  • Highly attuned guidance and full integration support during your waking hours while in our care.

  • Vegetarian cuisine prepared by an Intuitive Chef who senses into your nutritional requirements to achieve full restoration of the whole being.

  • Luxurious Estate accommodations in a world class setting.

  • After the 10 week intensive, support calls are once to twice a month based on the client's personalized needs.

After the 10 week intensive your journey also includes a 2 day Power Boost with the focused guidance from The Journeymen Collective:

  • Plus the Power Boost 6 week intensive:
  • 2 Full Days of intensive support: one intensive plant medicine journey with 1 full day of integration.
  • 3 weeks of preparation and 3 week of integration 

Continued Mastermind Support: After your 6 month journey, monthly live mastermind calls take place where everyone within the collective gathers on-line.

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Enjoy Exclusive and Personalized Focused Attention

Rest, Release and Restore in Luxurious Surroundings

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What Journey Will You Embark On with The Journeymen Collective?

Solo – Revolutionize You

Only you and two highly attuned shamans meet for 4 full days of intensive work. We guide you to clear out the limiting beliefs and stagnant generational energy within your field so that you can dive deep into your connection within Self to experience the laws of universal reality.


Elevate your conscious awareness through a highly personalized journey. We give you permission to fully be you. The energy of the experience is specifically and intentionally curated so you can open up to greater clarity of higher purpose and give rise to a refined way of being that gives way to your revolutionary path.


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Power Partner - Evolve Together

Share the journey with only one other person for 4 full days of intensive work. This is a personalized journey for you and a best friend, spouse or colleague to share in a pivotal moment of your life. Liberate destructive subconscious programs so that you foster a greater awareness of your true self and allow your higher purpose to materialize into synchronistic form.


Each member of the partnership is guided into their own inner journey and will have their own experience to grow through. As your elevated awareness of Self emerges, the connection in partnership grows stronger. This revolutionary experience gives rise to an intimate integration process that evolves into deeply fulfilling partnership.


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Executive Team – Mastermind with the Universe

A team of 3 or 4 like-minded colleagues gather to explore their individual connection to Self with guidance from two highly attuned spiritual advisors. Gather together with your executive team to form a collective energy that provides an opportunity to elevate the group consciousness for innovation and deeper connection with each other.


While in the journey each person is guided to clear out the energy which no longer serves their highest good. During the integration phase of the revolutionary experience the newly found awareness of Self is grounded back into reality for greater creativity, efficiency and optimized performance in business. Take your collaboration to the next level.


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Testimonials for The Journeymen Collective Experience 

Listen to those who experienced the work

"My business is flourishing and my marriage is flourishing!.....Life is flowing"

Jodi Cecchini - Healthy With Jodi,  Health & Happiness Lifestyle Coach


"It was a deeply profound transformational experience....I am an infinite spiritual being"

Paris Raine, Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Model & Actor


“Profound effect on my life and my business”

 Andrea Biedermann - Simply Piano Studio - Professional Piano Teacher & Entrepreneur

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Why are shamanic plant medicine journeys so effective?

Since the dawn of humanity, plant medicine has been explored to facilitate deep healing and evolution of consciousness. For evolution to occur, the old ways of thinking, feeling and being must die. Die? Yes, death and subsequent renewal is an key component of transformation... 

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