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Activate your journey within.

Flow with life's deepest truths.

Elevate in full connectedness.


The Journeymen Collective specialize in curating luxurious shamanic journeys for high net-worth visionaries who yearn to create conscious impact for the whole of humanity and the planet.


We empower executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to connect deeply into Self to amplify their awareness and to accelerate their conscious vision for life and business into reality. 

We are the guides who empower you to embark on a bespoke journey that connects you to a greater awareness of Self, congruent with deep joy, profound creativity and abundant prosperity.

As your awareness expands and you move through new layers of truth, flow accelerates and you return to the world with clarity of purpose, ease of action, and joy is alive in your being.

With access to new quantum streams of consciousness you attune your being to flow with the laws that influence reality and live in harmony and sustainable balance with the natural world.

The greatest power you will ever wield is the expansiveness of your multidimensional awareness of pure reality.

Dissolution of illusion is key.

Transmutation of fear is essential.

Every single human walking the face of the planet has generational trauma lodged within their cellular composition that requires deep quantum clearing. Upon cleaning and clearing stagnant energy you will step more fully into alignment, empowerment and purity of your soul. The energy of your soul will effortlessly guide you to the next logical step for greater impact and assists you in bringing your vision into conscious form. 


The Journeymen Collective Presents:

Your Guides to an Extraordinary You.


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The Journeymen Collective's Expertise

Revolutionary Breakthroughs

Highly attuned contemporary shamans bring forth their unique spiritual technology to clear energy blocks that hold you back from clarity of higher purpose. Discover and foster your connection with the universe and create an extraordinary life congruent with your inner guidance.

Contemporary Shamanic Journey

Luxuriously personalized and deeply intensive guided plant medicine journey wherein your journey is of utmost importance. The focus is on you for optimal access to unprecedented clarity of your conscious contribution to humanity and the planet.

Grounded & Empowered Integration

The experiential discovery process is grounded back into reality by empowering you to attune your ever-evolving conscious awareness to the synchronicities that guide you to embody your highest potential and higher purpose.


Connecting the New Human to Multidimensional Consciousness

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"This is a game changer....This is life changer....I'm so glad I opted into myself!"

Azure Wolfe - Yoga Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Health Coach Extraordinaire


"My business is flourishing and my marriage is flourishing!.....Life is flowing"

Jodi Cecchini - Healthy With Jodi,  Health & Happiness Lifestyle Coach


"It was a deeply profound transformational experience....I am an infinite spiritual being"

Paris RaineEcommerce Entrepreneur, Model & Actor

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