Pictures Speak 1000 Words - Guided Psychedelic Plant Medicine Journey with The Journeymen Collective


A collection of moments from The Journeymen Collective bringing their visionary reality into form.

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The Journeymen Collective journey is experiential education that provides access to a deeply profound transformation that impacts people for their entire life.  We love curating bespoke journeys for our people who are willing to take on the intensive process of clearing out the energy that no longer serves so that each person connects into their infinite multidimensional universe within Self. 

The following pictures are of the clients we have served and continue to serve with the revolutionary spiritual technology that flows through us during the contemporary shamanic journey. We facilitate our luxurious plant medicine journeys in luxurious locations so each and every person we serve is wrapped in bespoke comfort. 

It's a revolutionary experience where by most of our people never want to leave as they know they have been cared for in a deeply profound way. 

Do you have a deep sense that you have untapped potential laying dormant within and you simply have yet to be shown how to access the universe inside you?


The Journeymen Collective are here to help you answer the call of that inner knowing so that you create a visionary reality.




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