Luxurious Solo Guided Psilocybin Mushroom Retreats


 Revolutionize You with the intensive support of two highly attuned advisors who expertly empower you to embody the ability to access multidimensional reality so that you take a quantum leap in life and business.


The Journeymen Collective guide you through a revolutionary journey to upgrade your awareness of the universal intelligence within Self.


Professional Development with Sacred Psychedelic Plant Medicine Journeys.




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Who is it for?

The Solo Journey is for the entrepreneur, executive or professional who has the desire to have exclusive access to The Journeymen Collective for the duration of their entire shamanic  journey. The intensive process is curated specifically for you.

How does it work?

The shamanic journey experience is personalized for where you are at in your personal and spiritual development. The focus is all on you.

  • The¬†Solo¬†Offerings range from¬†6 weeks to 18 months¬†of combined online and in-person intensive support.¬†

  • Intensive personalized support¬†for online preparation and integration¬†includes:

    • Zoom Video conference calls, guided meditation and energetic activations.

    • Access to The Journeymen Collective Portal for video training and education.

  • Bespoke In-Person Journeys range from 3 to 16 full days¬†with¬†masterfully guided¬†plant medicine¬†ceremonies and full days of integration.

Why now?

Do you have a calling or knowing that there's another level of awareness within you that wants to be expressed and you simply just don't know how to access this higher state. We can show you the way.

The time is now. 

Enter Into Deeper Connection and Awareness of Self


The Journeymen Collective believe that everyone should experience at least one shamanic journey in their lifetime. Enter into the unknown of the mystical to expand your awareness and ground greater light into the collective consciousness. The best way to do this is to embark on the revolutionary experience we offer.



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Testimonials from The Journeymen Collective Experience 

Listen to those who experienced the transformational work

‚ÄúProfound effect on my life and my business‚ÄĚ

 Andrea Biedermann - Simply Piano Studio - Professional Piano Teacher & Entrepreneur


‚ÄúI‚Äôm a new person everyday‚Ķmy heart and soul are open, and my life is flourishing.‚ÄĚ

Myles DeBrincat - Professional Long Drive Golfer and Author


"This is a game changer....This is life changer....I'm so glad I opted into myself!"

Azure Wolfe - Yoga Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Health Coach Extraordinaire

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Magical Insights

Effective Guidance for the Magical Center Within

What is the most important thing to study to elevate self to mastery?

This is another question The Journeymen receive quite a lot within the collective. Many thought leaders are leading people to believe they will find their life’s biggest answers within books and must spend countless hours within a day reading and entering into repetitive study. Books are simply refined and synthesized versions of another person’s experience.

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Why are shamanic plant medicine journeys so effective?

Since the dawn of humanity, plant medicine has been explored to facilitate deep healing and evolution of consciousness.For evolution to occur, the old ways of thinking, feeling and being must die. Die? Yes, death and subsequent renewal is an essential component of transformation and a shamanic journey allows people to rest deeply into self. The shaman guides this experience with expertise of awareness of energy.

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How can you be grateful?

Gratitude is always a hot topic in most personal development circles and the easiest way to get there is to simply be it. Stop for a second and think about it. Do you really need to sit, think about what you have in your life and make lists of things you're grateful for? Is it necessary to do something to be grateful? Do you really have to do more to be more? You are a human being yet so much of the world wants you to be a human doing.

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