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An in-depth account of the impact the leading edge work of The Journeymen Collective. 


The real shift to clarity takes place at the multidimensional level. 


Open up your awareness to the infinite prosperity of the universe within you and it is reflected back into the conscious creation of form aligned with your refined frequency. 


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Grounding the transcendental and multidimensional experience into conscious form is where you experience the richest reality.

Podcast #1 - February 2021
Paris Raine with The Journeymen Collective

We had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful and charming Ms. Paris Raine. It has been just over a year now since her journey. Gary speaks with Paris to delve deeper into her journey and share stories about where she is now in her life.


Podcast #2 - March 2021
Azure Wolfe with The Journeymen Collective

Meet Azure Wolfe, Creator of The Collective Light, an integrative approach to harnessing the healing light that’s within all of us by learning to listen to what the body is calling for. Listen while she provides valuable feedback and results after her journey, with The Journeymen Collective



Podcast #3 - February 2022
Dr. Josh with The Journeymen Collective

Dr Josh Goodrum shares more insight, 3 years after his Journey experience with The Journeymen Collective. Hear him reveal his discovered truth about his childhood past that he was unconsciously blocking, and set him free of that holding which was getting in his way. His life has expand and he contributes his talent and gift with the World. He is just being the best he can be every waking moment of his life.


Podcast #4 - February 2022
Nadia Piccone with The Journeymen Collective

Nadia Piccone shares the depth of her journey with The Journeymen Collective. Nadia's journey  was in 2019 and she shares with us her amazing awakening process that occurred after her time with Rob and Gary. She dives right into how life was prior to her experience with the JMC and how her life is continuously transforming and the process of integrating everything she learned from her journey.


Podcast #5 - March 2022
Kimberley Mireau with The Journeymen Collective

The JMC Podcast presents Kimberly Mireau. She was with Journeymen about 4 yrs ago. Her Journey was everything she could imagine or dreamed of and more...listen to more of Kimberly's Podcast interview about her Journey and how it transformed her life. She found us at the exact moment she needed the journey most. 


Podcast #6 - March 2022
Jen McCarthy & Nick Sholtz with The Journeymen Collective

Today, we are featuring a beautiful couple, Nick Sholtz and Jen McCarthy, Founder of Teacup Tiny Homes, who embarked on their journey with the Journeymen Collective 3 years ago. Listen while they share how a journey has changed their lives and is continuously evolving the growth in their lives with friends and family.


Podcast #7 - March 2022
Jodi Cecchini with The Journeymen Collective

Listen to Jodi, Health & Happiness Lifestyle Coach, reach deeper into self to share how her life is in flow, harmony and peace. One of her biggest take aways from her Journey is 'life is easy' and she also shared that 'learn to love oneself to love others.' has changed her life in so many ways.

The Journeymen Collective specialize in the curating luxurious journeys for high-level entrepreneurs who yearn to create conscious impact for the whole of humanity and the planet.  


The greatest power you will every wield is the expansiveness of your multidimensional awareness of pure reality. Dissolution of illusion is key. Transmutation of fear is essential. Every single human walking the face of the planet has generational trauma lodged within their cellular composition that requires deep quantum clearing. Upon cleaning and clearing stagnant energy you will step more fully into alignment, empowerment and purity of your soul. The energy of your soul will effortlessly guide you to the next logical step for greater impact and assists you in bringing your vision into form. 


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