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It's all about experiential learning and letting the heart guide you into an expression of your highest potential!


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"I highly recommend you invest in yourself"

Peggy Van de Plassche - Founder of The Microdose Diet,  Author, International Speaker


"A world class experience"

Renee Russo, Business Coach and Strategist - Founder of Rise Up BC.

"It was a deeply profound transformational experience....I am an infinite spiritual being"

Paris Raine, Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Model & Actor


"My journey has helped me massively in all areas of my life....My outlook on life is massively different"

Mike Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer for Valiant Inc., Investor and Philanthropist


"This is a game changer....This is life changer....I'm so glad I opted into myself!"

Azure Wolfe - Yoga Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Health Coach Extraordinaire


"My business is flourishing and my marriage is flourishing!.....Life is flowing"

Jodi Cecchini - Healthy With Jodi,  Health & Happiness Lifestyle Coach


“Profound effect on my life and my business”

Andrea Biedermann - Simply Piano Studio - Professional Piano Teacher & Entrepreneur


"My journey has changed my life, like night and day…given me clarity in my life’s purpose!"

David Peacock - Peacock Consulting, Mindset Coach and Author


“ This gift to myself, has catapulted me into my new business endeavours, with confidence and ease.”

Nadia Piccone - Yoga Studio Owner & Teacher 


“I’m a new person everyday…my heart and soul are open, and my life is flourishing.”

Myles DeBrincat - Professional Long Drive Golfer and Author

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Experience Profound Clarity and Growth

"I am incredibly grateful for my experience with the Journeymen Collective. Rob and Gary came into my life at a point when I was stuck personally and professionally. My career had plateaued. I couldn’t realize a balance between my work and my family. I was struggling to find a sense of direction and purpose. I felt out of sync with life. The residual effects were building in me, negatively impacting my overall health and wellbeing. 

As I began to work with Rob and Gary, I was met with warmth, support, and a peaceful enthusiasm for the road ahead. They were incredibly empathetic and understanding, creating a safe space for me to explore what was holding me back. Every session was unique; they met me where I was with the openness and encouragement I needed in the moment. 

As our time together progressed, we began to cleanse and clear the layers that were blocking my growth. They lovingly guided me with patience and compassion until I was finally able to find the clarity I was looking for.

The sacred meditation retreat was truly a highlight for me. From the moment I arrived, I was surrounded by beauty, tranquility, and the warm embrace of the Journeymen team. The accommodations were luxurious and comfortable, allowing me to fully relax and immerse myself in the experience.

The meals provided were not only delicious but also made with local, organic ingredients that nourished my body and soul. Each dish was thoughtfully prepared with the utmost attention to detail, catering to various dietary preferences and needs.

The sacred meditation ceremonies were beyond what I can describe with words. They were guided by experienced facilitators, and Rob and Gary ensured a safe and supportive environment from start to finish. This allowed me to feel completely at ease as I embarked on this inner journey, ultimately enabling me to reconnect deeply with myself and experience profound clarity and growth. 

Throughout my time working with Rob and Gary, I was continuously amazed by the level of care and dedication they showed. They went above and beyond to create an experience that was not only enjoyable but also transformative on every level. I am left feeling revitalized, inspired, and more connected to my inner self.

To anyone who is feeling stuck or lost, I wholeheartedly recommend the Journeymen Collective. Their compassionate and personalized approach will help you uncover your true potential and guide you towards a future filled with happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.

With much love and gratitude. Thank you Rob and Gary!"

Derek Delost 


Delost Media Group


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A Huge Shift

I participated in a solo journey early September 2022, with The Journeymen Collective at their beautiful center in British Columbia, Canada. The experience was extremely beneficial at many levels.

First, even before I went on the actual physical journey, my perspective started to change. From a mindset mostly focused on what I didn’t want to what I did want. Which is a huge shift for me. And a change I had been looking for a very long time!

Second, I let go of old energies, emotions, behaviours that were not serving me anymore and holding me back. Again this was something I had really looking for a very long time.

Third, we amplified some of the energies, emotions and behaviours I wanted more of - joy, expansion, excitement, love. 

The prism with which I am looking at life has really shifted to looking for expansion, growth and abundance from playing defence, focusing on survival, competition and lack.

Finally, I am way more relaxed and confident in my future. Less controlling with a lot more hope and positive expectations.

I definitely recommend a collaboration with The JMC. I know that for me there will be many more Journeys with The Journeymen to come :)

- Peggy Van De Plassche -  Entrepreneur, Consultant and Author

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The Best Transformational Work of My Life

"My biggest takeaway from my work with The Journeymen Collective was that I am pure divine perfection and I can create and manifest ANYTHING I want in this lifetime. I dream of and envision multiple spiritual centres in different locations that offer space, support and resources for those seeking soul work to empower, enjoy and experience. I envision a team of Norwex leaders working collectively to make an impact on the health and well-being of those they meet, that in turn ripples out to effect positives changes for future generations.

I discovered and committed to my higher purpose of guiding people to the Light. I am here to show them the way so they may become enlightened, like I am now, after this work. I discovered I am so powerful and have the gift of easily healing others. I discovered the animal energy I resonate and associate with that supports me to best serve others as well as live in my highest and best Self.

I would do it again in a heartbeat!! Everyone needs to experience the feeling of freedom, clarity, bliss and deep knowing of Self and their life path that comes with this work. Just do it already! Your soul will love you and thank you forever for this decision! It’s honestly the most touching, transformational and inspirational work I have ever done and I’ve travelled the world on spiritual journeys! There is nothing like the support and guidance before, during and after from two amazing Beings who have your best interest at heart, throughout the entire process! Their combined energy and roles along with the structure of the program is absolutely divinely perfect. It will be, hands down, one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life! What are you waiting for?!

There has been a shift in my energy that I have been longing for, for a long time! Things are falling into my lap that are steering me towards success in my business. My demeanour with my children and husband is more authentically me, which has encouraged me to find and feel real connection on a rich and even more meaningful level than before with my loved ones. My general outlook about life is lighter, happier and also more trusting in the universe. I no longer fear death, something I have struggled with and had anxiety/panic attacks about since a young age. I’m actually meditating and working with my higher Self consistently, on a daily basis - it’s something I’ve wanted for almost a decade! I have started using my gift of healing others and am organizing events to practice more so we may reach even more people. I finally feel spiritually fulfilled and connected again - something I had lost touch with for many years. Say YES to working with The JourneyMen and be ready to shift tremendously."

- Michelle Zhang - Mompreneur - Top Leader in Norwex

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...The attention, care, and insight that The Journeymen Collective provide is like nothing I have ever experienced...


Over the last several years I’ve had a significant amount of experience with shamanic journeys. What I’ve learned is that the key to the journey helping facilitate growth is integration. This is where the Journeymen excel! Rob and Gary’s unique approach to this ancient practice is revolutionary. They approach the seeker from two different and equally important/necessary angles. They are experts in helping people see what they don’t know they don’t know.

For myself they helped me see the root of a traumatic childhood experience that has affected me physically. This issue has been ongoing for the last 30 years. In three days it begin to shift. Aside from the healing of my physical body they helped me gain huge insight into my self image and how it was impacting me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Since my time with them, It’s as if I have been walking in new shoes. Every plant medicine ceremony I’ve done has been transformative in someway, but the attention, care, and insight that the Journeymen provide is like nothing I have ever experienced.

If you are thinking about participating in a ceremony with them, stop. Stop thinking and start feeling. When you follow that, you will soon come to realize that these amazing people have your best interest in mind and will safely and effectively guide you to your Higher self.

-Dr. Josh Goodrum, Doctor of Osteopathy

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Deep Healing & Total Life Changing Experience


I never thought I would try plant medicine but one day I meet The Journeymen Collective and it was on that day I realized after years of healing, yoga, workshops, rebirthing, psycho- spiritual counselling and you name it that perhaps I was due for something different from what I was used to. 

Being an aboriginal woman and curious of what Rob & Gary had to offer as Shaman’s I decided to go meet with them.  The first one on one I had with them was very healing for me, I knew they had something to offer and I wanted to commit and see where the next 90 days would take me. I felt afraid and excited at the same time. Each week as I meet with Rob and Gary for the preparation and intention setting before the actual journey I noticed how good I  would feel just sitting with them and always wanted more, I looked forward to coming back the next week. One week before I was getting ready to leave and go on the actual journey to Salt Spring Island everything intensified and became very busy in my life causing me a pattern of over commitment and stress. Many deep feelings of fear, sadness, and excitement surfaced more than ever as well. This was all stuff that came up that I needed to see and feel before leaving. 

I decided to arrive by float plane, after a quick 25 min flight landing on Salt Spring tears came to my eyes as I realized the gift that I had been given not only to go on a deep Shamanic journey with two of the most committed, loving people I have gotten to know but also my uncle Joe who was a very powerful wise high ranking elder for his years of service had just passed away the day before so the tears were my heart feeling realization of what was to perhaps come in my journey over the next two days. 

Once I arrived at the beautiful location so perfected selected by Rob and Gary I realized how wound up I was from all the over business and commitments from the week before. Gary helped me to see this plus many, many, many more other unseen things. 

My biggest take away was once I let go and allowed the healing of the plant medicine to come in to heal me It was such a huge release in my body of tension and helped me to feel so free, creative and complete love like I have never felt before. The light and love that came through me to heal me along with many other spirit animals and ascended masters and very vivid past life memories that were totally empowering  and utterly deeply healing to this day helped me to know and remember we are so much more then we see and feel day to day. My journey was everything you could imagine or dreamed of and more I was being shown the great unveiled infinite wisdom of pure love through the light, color and sound and I allowed it to move through me. The next few days was so full of love and pure bliss for me my chest actually physically ached as if It was so full of energy if was going to burst open.  I was able to take this energy and love home with me and share it with my loved ones which also helped heal them as they felt my strong love, softness and light. 

The other things I want to share with all of you is my uncle Joe who had passed away a day before my journey did show up and I saw him so clearly and he told me things I needed to know plus he said he will be my protector in a very big way. This was a key piece as one of the things I was being asked to heal and being shown was the dear medicine which is a symbol of gentleness. An actual live deer came in the front yard close to where I was doing my journey on both days. It was a beautiful reminder that I needed to see as my essence is pure love and gentleness and I was going about life pushing and slightly aggressive. Deer medicine was a key piece. 

I feel another big take away is how much we are all connected and our wise spirits can and will sense and know everything we are connected to if we just get give ourselves a chance to go there. I do feel the deep preparation and love that the Journeymen as Shaman’s gave to me helped create this deep healing and total life changing experience. I feel they have a gift to really love and care deeply and know how to work with people on all levels. I am speechless on all level at the gifts and skills Rob and Gary have shared with me and would say to anyone considering a journey you are in the best hands to go deep and feel loved and heal deeply so know this!

I felt safe, I felt loved, and I would highly recommend to anyone who is drawn to plant medicine to go with Shaman’s that can give you the one on one care if need be, and time you need to go deep and then to be able to integrate after as well was made me feel so safe which helps the deeper healing.

One month after the journey and during the integration time I can say I was so grateful for this time, to be able to see Rob and Gary and feel the deep connection in myself that was created as well as with them. It was truly a once in a life time deep remembering of my soul and today very still very empowering and healing for me.

- Kimberley Mireau - Executive Capital Investor & Entrepreneur

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From birth to mastery in a weekend...

Have you ever felt like something touched the center of your soul? Have you ever met people that you instantly fell in love with, like family you never knew you had? Journeys are definitely individual experiences, but mine was exactly what I needed and wanted. I had no pre-conceived assumptions of what it would be like, yet I felt like I was born again. It’s like my soul had been awakened, yet I didn’t realize it was asleep. Knowledge of my being was heightened and it allowed me to let go of past negatives and understand how to BE. I am love. I am everything I need to be. The Journeymen orchestrate in a way that allows you to find yourself without worries while you're with them. Therapy 101 from birth to mastery in a weekend if you allow it. It’s a shame everyone can’t experience their love and guidance.

- Cindy Weldon - COO of Dentistry Practice

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One of the BEST Gifts...

My journey with Gary and Rob was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself, and one of the best experiences of my life.

Among the many valuable takeaways for me from the journey is that I experienced a spark of spirituality.  I have been a spiritual skeptic for almost all of my 65 years, but I believe that the journey allowed me to experience a state of pure being. The ability to observe and interact with reality in the absence of the judgmental ego. This state of being, felt like absolute bliss, yielding a state of peace unlike anything I have ever felt. A state of being that I believe allowed me to feel the presence of a higher power.

 I experienced many other powerful wins. These wins were not mind blowing or coming out of left field. These were things I knew to be true, or have been told to me by others. What gave them their power through the journey was that in the quieting of my ego, the lessons were allowed to fully impact my heart and soul. When that happened, I fully owned these ideas in my being. They have become a part of me.

I am now 3 months out from my journey, and my spirituality and the lessons are still with me, and affecting my life in so many positive ways.

But perhaps the best part of the journey was getting to know and work with Gary and Rob. They are beautiful people whose total focus is for you to get the experience and answers you are looking for.

So, in a nutshell.....Incredible facility, incredible setting, incredible food, incredible journeymen, incredible experience.

Can’t wait to do it again!

Dr. Steve Leikin - Owner Operator of Private Dentistry Practice

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Greater Financial Abundance in Less Time

The biggest take away for me is fully understanding who and what I truly am. I was able to discover, with a deep heartfelt knowing, that I am meant to serve humanity by reaching my highest level of consciousness and deepest love.  Taking on a journey with Rob and Gary will definitely be a once year experience for me as a way to grow and expand. 

If you're truly seeking to become the being you know you're meant to be and take your level consciousness and understanding to new levels, then working with Rob and Gary is a MUST! It's completely transformational - if you're open to it. 

The biggest things that have change are simple yet so potent! I'm able to fully experience more joy and gratitude on a daily basis. I am aware of my thoughts and emotional patterns and able to shift into higher and more empowering vibrational frequencies. The result of being able to consciously live this way has helped me produce more money, greater financial abundance, in less time and BE a more powerful version of myself.

- David Reisen - Enrollment Coach for Ad Outreach

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A Brand New Direction In Life

I have spent much of my adult life on bettering myself through self improvement books, seminar, webinars and utilizing the many other resources that are available now. My life has been a journey in developing myself to be the best I can be, physically, mentally and spiritually. So many wonderful things in my life have come to me through this self work  and yet I was still feeling uncertain and overwhelmed in many aspects in my life. Nothing I had done had helped me gain the clarity and certainty I was looking for. I was unfocused, distracted and feeling spiritually drained. My life was filled with so many distraction that it was extremely difficult for me to move forward in any aspect.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rob and Gary for a few years and have often talked about my and their journey in life. They have been on a path to enlightenment and a spiritual journey separately for years, and then together as the Journeymen. When I learned of the work they were doing knew immediately that I wanted to work with them. Once I had made the decision to finally get the help that I needed, knew that I had found what I had been looking for with Rob and Gary. 

The program and coaching support was well laid out and provided me with not only with assurance and confidence, it gave me a sense of spiritual self that I had never experienced. There was a lot of personal work for me to do before each coaching call which helped me get clarity, light and peace.

 Traveling to the island to meet them was an absolute dream come true, the stunning, serene and magical location was breathtaking. My experience was filled with relaxing luxury and leisure. Most importantly was what I have I gained from this experience. I have a profound sense of strength, decisiveness and courage and calmness knowing that I am truly powerful in how the story of my life is laid out. I am filled with lightness, certainty, gratitude and such love for these two men who have helped guide me on my journey. 

Since my journey my life has changed immensely and taken me on a very unexpected path. I have found an extremely rewarding opportunity to work in a field that I knew nothing about. My life has taken on an amazing trajectory to personal, financial and spiritual abundance. 

Words can not begin to describe the gratitude for these two remarkable and beautiful souls. Thank you form the bottom of my heart,

Light, laughter and love to you both,

- April Paxton - Human Resources Professional

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I am a lover of words, but it is not easy to put my Journey experience into words.

I love that I travelled to a special, secluded, beautiful place. I love that we met online four times before meeting in person and that every meeting was real, Real. It bonded us, so when we met physically, it was a happy reunion, and we knew that we were all there with like intent - healing, lightening, elevating.

 I love my room mate and the gorgeous space of the house, the property, the island.

My experiences... safe, sacred, revealing, healing, fun, freeing, exploratory, expository, cosmic, wrenching, uplifting. It was truly a journey and like every great journey, the learning continued long after the event and still, a year on.

Rob & Gary are the most wonderful guides! I felt so completely blessed by the whole experience.

Tangible results? An unstable relationship stabilised as a direct experience in my Journey. I have moved from financial freak-out to financial freedom. (I literally received a totally unexpected cheque in the mail to pay out my mortgage.) My spiritual life continues to deepen and strengthen and inform every other part of my life toward full  integration, wholeness. My Journey has led me to LET - Liberation, Elevation,Transmutation. So grateful. Do it.

With love always and forever,

Sue Heart - Mindset Coach and Educator, Speaker

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Life Redesigned

My wife, Kelly, and I are eternally grateful for Rob and Gary. We knew it was going to be an amazing 9 weeks but we had no concept of how deep and profound it would be. Life was good before our journey but we realized how much we were settling in every area of our life and putting others wants and needs before our own. We made massive decisions and redesigned our lives during our time with The JourneyMen Collective to a life that was a dream before hand like selling our property, moving across the country and starting our own businesses - those decisions were made four months ago and its all unfolding perfectly. There were endless distinctions and my biggest one was how to get out of my head and start truly living fully from my heart, I had a lot of insight on this before but it finally sank in and fully integrated into my being. It doesn’t matter if your stuck in a rut in life or if you’re highly successful, if you’re ready to evolve to the next level there’s nothing I would recommend more then doing this. We will be going on a journey 1-2 times a year moving forward because the clarity you get is mind-blowing. From the bottom of our hearts thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Love Nick and Kelly

Nick L. - Sales Professional & Entrepreneur

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