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Would you like to know more about a journey with The Journeymen Collective?

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Testimonials for The Journeymen Collective Experience 

Listen to those who experienced the work

"My business is flourishing and my marriage is flourishing!.....Life is flowing"

Jodi Cecchini - Healthy With Jodi,  Health & Happiness Lifestyle Coach


"It was a deeply profound transformational experience....I am an infinite spiritual being"

Paris Raine, Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Model & Actor


‚ÄúProfound effect on my life and my business‚ÄĚ

 Andrea Biedermann - Simply Piano Studio - Professional Piano Teacher & Entrepreneur

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Magical Insights

Effective Guidance for the Magical Center Within

Does everyone have trauma stored in their body?

Everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energies. When we have thoughts and feelings about a circumstance or an event from the past that hasn't been fully processed that energy can be stuck in the matter and space of the body. The result is typically pain or we start ...

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Have you forgotten why you came here? Do you ask the universe questions?

Most of us come into this lifetime and we go to school, we go to University or we get a job and we just enter into the ongoing programs that are already in existence for us. We never learn the skill to question. For the most part, the curiosity to question reality is dampened ...

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Why are shamanic plant medicine journeys so effective?

Since the dawn of humanity, plant medicine has been explored to facilitate deep healing and evolution of consciousness. For evolution to occur, the old ways of thinking, feeling and being must die. Die? Yes, death and subsequent renewal is an key component of transformation... 

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