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Why are psychedelic plant-medicine journeys so effective?

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Since the dawn of humanity, plant medicine (aka psychedelics) has been explored to facilitate deep healing and evolution of consciousness. For evolution to occur, the old ways of thinking, feeling and being must die. Die? Yes, death and subsequent renewal is an essential component of transformation and a shamanic journey allows people to rest deeply into self. The shaman guides this experience with expertise of awareness of energy.

Background of Psychedelic Plant Medicine Journeys

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of communing with the spiritual universe to access new forms of consciousness.  In ancient Greece, philosophers would enter deep states of consciousness in a practice called dream incubation. A shamanic journey is similar to dream incubation as this is a time of rest and stillness that is used to quiet the body and mind to access the pure energy of the universe within each and every one of us. This access point is within us. It holds the energy and information of everything that has ever been created, as well as the energy and information of everything that will be created. It simply comes down to our ability to process and integrate the information through our capacity to open up to the universal intelligence within us. Most of us require the proper guidance on how to access this door or portal.

Guidance is always key on a shamanic journey. When we have a proper guide with us to create, clear and open space for our highest and greatest good it is an absolute game changer. Plant medicine demands respect, and when you have a guide for your shamanic journey this will allow you to go deeper into the universe inside of you to expand your awareness of consciousness. 

We all have thinking and feeling patterns in our life and these patterns are essentially programs. The combination of these programs creates an operating system that greatly influences the people, places and things that come into our life. Guided plant medicine journeys allow the individual to take an omni-present objective view of programs that are potentially sabotaging your best efforts and awakens new energy that you can use to create epicness into material form. Typically, you get to witness where your thinking, feeling and actions are out of alignment of your true connection.

What makes The Journeymen Collective work unique?

The Journeymen Collective offer their international community cutting-edge guidance that weaves together science with spirituality and revolutionary integration of the intensive work where the client is fully support through the renewal of consciousness. We often meet clients who have previously been on journeys and when we ask them what they learned in their previous journeys; the most common response is that they simply talk about what they saw with no context for what they actually learned and applied into their life. What is the missing link? Guided integration. This is the synthesis of the experience back into your waking life. During a shamanic journey, that which is shown to you is specific information or energy for you to synthesize into applicable knowledge and understanding. The integration process is to discern the discoveries, remember what you experienced so that you can continually unpack and apply the richness of the learning into your everyday waking life.

When The Journeymen Collective guide you through your journey we are with you the entire time. We connect with you on an energetic level and guide you through the entire experience. We are guided by our connection to universal intelligence and it is through this guidance that allows your journey to always be perfect.

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Do you have a deep sense that you have untapped potential laying dormant within and you simply have yet to be shown have to access the universe inside you?


The Journeymen Collective are here to help you answer that inner knowing with you so that you create a visionary reality.


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