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What is the most important thing to study to elevate self to personal mastery?

elevate to mastery on an inner journey with a field with rocks

This is another question The Journeymen receive quite a lot within the collective.

Many thought leaders are leading people to believe they will find their life’s biggest answers within books and must spend countless hours within a day reading and entering into repetitive study. Books are simply refined and synthesized versions of another person’s experience. The author of any book has attuned their frequency to download specific information from the world wide web of the universal intelligence into the form of words, chapters with the end result being a book. That energy is available to you in the form of reading it or you can simply attune to the frequency the author homed in on. All you have to do is adjust your inner radio dials to pick up the frequency and translate it into an inner knowing.

There is a massive toolset of awareness intrinsically encoded within every human being so that you can read the energy of room, another person or a book. So, the best way forward for anyone is to find the best people in the spiritual development space to help you unlock and activate the code. Once that code is awakened everyone needs assistance and guidance to learn how to navigate the level of awareness that one has been open up into.

There is one requirement with this higher level of awareness: We must study ourselves.

Study YOU. Be aware of you as you have your experience of life. Listen to the quiet voice within that may have been dampened by years of avoidance and preconditioned programming to stay from higher levels of ungrounded consciousness. Witness your thinking. Witness your feeling body and when in meditation witness the images on the inner screen of your mind. Gather the information through your highly attuned awareness for synthesis as a guidance system that allows one to course correct toward the ultimate vision. Each step you take allows one to gather and assess the available energies through the lens of your current level of perception, transmute old energies and make a new decision to continue along the path of your odyssey.  

There is a massive shift taking place within the world and more people are recognizing the need to study self. Books are super important as a tool to allow one to better understand their experience of life. When using your intuition, you can tap into the exact books you need to assist you with the experience you are moving through. So, with this approach the individual isn’t trying to fit their life into the context of a book, on the contrary, books facilitate the integration of energy by bringing understanding of the energy you witness by studying self.

How do I open my awareness to study myself?

Clear out the stagnant energy in your field and in your body.

If you think about and walk through this visual to paint a picture of what the stagnant energy looks like, then picture this. Almost energy human being is walking around, running around, working, sleeping, on autopilot, day after day their morphogenic field of energy is collecting bits of information and each piece is speck of dust. After years and decades of moving through life without any guidance on how to clear one’s field a malaise of fog can block our view of reality. Lack of clarity and lack of awareness ensues which blocks our innate creativity that helps us conscious create a deeply fulfilling life.

Creativity is always found in the stillness and silence. The purest energy will flow through your field of energy when the vessel of you has been through a deep clearing. The JourneyMen Collective are experts in providing the opportunity to rest deeply into the stillness of self so that you can access greater clarity that gives rise to the highest levels of creativity and innovation.

After an intensive journey with The Journeymen Collective, our clients feel and sense that they have new eyes to see, a clear mind to think with, an open heart to feel with and an expanded awareness of the infinite intelligence that flows through the reality of living on a connected Earth. 

By opening up one’s multi-sensory awareness to multidimensional reality so one is aware of the energy and information that is around an individual to process as divine guidance system that is always available to each human being on the planet.

The Journeymen Collective offer people the ability to have their experience of peeling back the layers of their awareness in a deep luxurious and comfortable environment.  Once you leave our center you will be living a mystically grounded life where you’re creating real world results all through your heightened sense of awareness. This newfound awareness allows you to navigate the new streams of consciousness to enhance your study of self to Mastery.

Do you have a deep sense that you have untapped potential laying dormant within and you simply have yet to be shown have to access the universe inside you?


The Journeymen Collective are here to help you answer that inner knowing with you so that you create a visionary reality.


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