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How to be grateful to elevate life to flow state? Just Be it

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Gratitude is always a hot topic in most personal development circles and the easiest way to get there is to simply be it. Stop for a second and think about it. Do you really need to sit, think about what you have in your life and make lists of things you're grateful for? Is it necessary to do something to be grateful? Do you really have to do more to be more? You are a human being yet so much of the world wants you to be a human doing.

Here is an alternative for you: Make a habit of just being it. Be grateful. Life is a miracle. Emanate gratitude in every waking moment. Every day that you get to wake up, make the proclamation.

I wonder what magical things I am going to be able to experience today.

If you set the intention and the perspective of looking for magical moments, then the energy of that intention is running through all the matter and space of you. The intentional energy of magical miraculous moments will ripple out of your heart center to the connected network of energy and this allows the perfect information to flow back through that network to you. Imagine it like a divine world wide web and you’re putting gratitude into the search engine. When you're looking for magic you find more and more moments to be grateful. Being in the frequency of gratitude will also allow you to be in the present moment. Presence of gratitude in every waking moment will amplify every brilliant moment of your life so that you radiate joy, awe and love for your life. When you radiate these frequencies, you will be radiant.

Here is a practice for you:

  • Just be it.
  • Be Gratitude in this very moment.
  • Be grateful in every waking moment

Use the words Magical Miraculous Moments as a Quantum Trigger to raise your energy out of any aspect of funky vibrations.

Go for a walk or a run and start feeling and being grateful for all the aspects of your life. Feeling deeply into it and being grateful for what you have in your life. On this walk I invite you to thank the muscles of the body. The bones. Thank the little tubes and pipes within the body known as the arteries and veins that circulate your blood. Thank the blood that moves through those veins and arteries. Witness the magical ability to breath fresh air with your lungs and the eyes that allow you see. Get present to the skin that allows you to feel the air moving across your body. Really take the time to start to recognize all the different anatomical systems that are working synchronistically to allow you to have this experience. Open up to the awareness of all the different cells, atoms, molecules and minerals that make up the structure of you, all working in perfect unison.

Everyday your body regenerates and restores – magically. That is perfection of consciousness. Keep the inner dialogue of being in gratitude circulating in the awareness that every element of your total being allows you to experience life on Earth. Then, move to all the brilliant people in your life and sense into the contribution that they have made to and for you. Feel into the contribution that you have made and are making in the world. Let the mind seek every last bit of how wondrously miraculous your life is. 

DISCLAIMER: This practice can bring you into a state of pure bliss for life and you may experience sudden onset of tears streaming down your face, uncontrollable laughter, gut busting cramps and shortness of breath due to laughter. Flow states are blissful!

Do you have a deep sense that you have untapped potential laying dormant within and you simply have yet to be shown have to access the universe inside you?


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