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Why Embodiment Work Matters in Guided Psychedelic Plant Medicine Journeys

By Robert Grover and Gary Logan

One needs to be aware that a focused guided journey will support being fully embody – an integration of the mind, soul, spirit and the physical being. Why does this even matter?

So many people are running around the planet, going about their life and business like body-less humans. You can most likely conjure up the image of a headless chicken running around. When in fact it’s the body-less human that is running around continually thinking and operating from the head with little to no awareness or connection to one of the greatest creations in the cosmos. An embodied human is akin to opening up to the awareness of being part of a circuit board that has access to the full intelligence of the motherboard. Infinite intelligence is continually flowing through us; however, most humans are only operating from their head and as a consequence, they have limited access their full potential.

Our guided bespoke journeys offer our clients an inward-facing exploration of the body, mind, soul and spirit so that the transcendental knowledge accessed during the plant medicines is fully integrated into life, love and business. It’s not just about seeing pretty psychedelics. The information, energy and visions that our clients are guided through are specific to their soul, their life’s journey and the legacy they are here to bring into form. It is imperative that the brave soul who embarks on the deeply intense guided journey be grounded. Clients who apply and are accepted to embark on a journey with The Journeymen Collective are granted access to one on one time with the masterful skill and craft of Master Spiritual Teacher, Gary Logan, for an experiential education on grounding and embodiment, specifically focused on the teachings of the Alexander Technique.

On the most basic level, when you work with The Journeymen Collective, we support a deeply sacred experience of cleansing and clearing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. So, when there is a clearing on the spiritual, mental and emotional levels the physical component of the whole being must also go through an experience of opening up to a new awareness of the body. The circuitry of your whole being flows on all four levels with greater ease and grace. Your flow is optimized and the Alexander Technique is a key pillar of journeys with The Journeymen Collective.

And before you tell us that 1988 called and wants its technique back, let us give you the real scoop on this form of conscious awareness training.

Your body is your story.

Yes, it’s true that the Alexander Technique (AT) was all the rage a few decades ago, and has since been supplanted by things like pilates, yoga – AT is a trusted healing modality since the 1890s. At it’s core, AT is designed so you become aware of the excessive tension in your body. AT allows each and everyone of you to take on a way of being, a re-education of the mind and body. Learning and experiencing it involves changing long-standing habits that cause unnecessary tension in everything you do. Mastering it means boosting your performance in any activity and releasing the pain that’s built up over a lifetime of stress. Heck, AT even allows you turn back time in the aging process – You release the old holding patterns in the body making way for optimization of the mind, body and soul connection. There is an infinite wisdom that begins to unfold when you embark on listening to the story of your body, and making choices about how to revise that story for the better.

Gary has been studying AT for 35 years, and has been working with clients for 18, so our journeys provide an opportunity for you to step into an energetic bubble with someone who has mastery of the pyscho-physical connection. He’s also the partner in our two-man operation who specializes in grounding, earth energy, and balance, which makes him the perfect person to guide our clients through embodiment work. Since the Alexander Technique is helpful in identifying tensions and releasing pent-up stress, we often begin the inperson aspect of our offerings with an AT lesson. When it comes to a masterfully guided journey we ensure our clients experience a sense of lightness and freedom with a sense of be grounded and in the body.  We provide our clients with the experience of what can be achieved during a lesson of Alexander Technique so they have acquired a recalibration of their baseline connection to the mind with the body. It’s this opening to a new baseline that allows the guided plant medicine journey to unfurl from within and allows for the bespoke and curated intelligence to flow through the inner experience in the journey. The real work begins in the application of the experience. It’s all about bringing the inside journey into the “real world” – what we call bring it all into conscious form.

When our clients establish their new baseline of connection within self and relearn fluidity of movement of their physical body from a state of presence, their awareness of self is given access to an upgraded way of consciously responding to life’s journey – as opposed to reacting from the old baseline of consciousness connected to the old programming. The old way is the faulty sensory circuitry that no longers serves the new and ever-evolving way of being. With the shift in baseline we start, or continue, living from an awareness of higher dimensional living. Another benefit is that the old heavy energies (aka our old baggage) have been released which provides an increasing ability to be fully present in our bodies. 

Gary describes this phase of letting go of the old baggage as the energetic unlocking of unknown stress … but also as “releasing your gremlins.” He helps our clients recalibrate their awareness and focus of attention, then mindfully let go of the stagnant energies and physical habits that are keeping them bound in place. With that experience of clearing, they make themselves ready for continued exploration, healing, and soulful alignment.

Alexander Technique unearths the unspoken

Both of us view the guided journeys we facilitate as a process of “coming back to life,” as enlightened embodiment paired with embodied enlightenment. Our work brings everything to a new level, one where our clients listen to their own souls and create their realities based on what they hear. This is where deep intuition and full connectedness allows the newly upgraded and expanded circuitry to be embodied and allows the client to start the journey of integrating mind, body and soul. This attunement and optimization of YOU is on an entirely level.

Anyone who wants to listen to the whispers of their soul must be willing to attune to their body. Our physical selves carry trauma, doubt, and confusion that our minds alone cannot articulate or address. Our physical selves also carry potential, insight, and truths that can only be recognized through embodiment work. Through the Alexander Technique, our clients are able to understand and see themselves with new eyes, then dive fully into the work of elevating their awareness even further.   


The Journeymen Collective specialize in curating luxurious shamanic plant medicine journeys for visionaries who yearn to elevate and grow conscious business for the whole of humanity and the planet.

We empower executives, change-makers, thought-leaders, high performing entrepreneurs and professionals to connect deeply into Self to amplify their awareness and to accelerate their conscious vision for life and business into reality.

Do you have a deep sense that you have untapped potential laying dormant within and you simply have yet to be shown have to access the universe inside you?


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