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Guided Plant-Medicine Journeys 101: What Are They & What Can You Expect?

Luxury guided plant-medicine journey in Kelowna, BC.

By Robert Grover and Gary Logan

How exactly does this work? And is it really safe? 

Will I see pink elephants and googly-eyed monsters? Will my head come untethered from my body and float off like a balloon? 

And what if I panic? What if I hate it? What if I do everything you tell me, and STILL don’t unlock the hidden secrets of the universe?!?

Since our clients are highly accomplished global executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals, they don’t tend to use these exact words when they ply us with questions about guided journeys. But this is what they’re thinking, in a nutshell. 

And we totally understand: shamanic journeys are largely misrepresented and misunderstood due to widespread misrepresentations in popular culture. Most people are curious about real journeys … but also trepidatious. So, with that in mind, allow us to do a little explaining and myth-busting about the awareness-expanding, soul-healing, vision-amplifying power of guided journeys.

What is a guided plant-medicine journey?

At its core, a guided journey is an inward-facing exploration of your soul and mind that’s facilitated by a masterfully trained shaman. Typically, this means entering a meditative state of stillness and interacting with the spiritual or mystical world to find answers, transform and transmute energy, and accelerate healing. The reason it’s “guided” is that roaming around through the layers of your own soul, poking at the unexplored energies of yourself can be overwhelming. Shamans spend years, sometimes decades, training to journey on their own safely and effectively. When a layperson engages in a guided journey, they partner with a shaman who can keep them focused on that which is presented in the journey and help them interpret what they see and experience. It’s a lot easier than becoming a shaman yourself. 

Guided journeys are often catalyzed by a substance, a ritual, or both. It can be a mind-altering plant medicine (aka psychedelics), a dance, an incantation, or a meditation undertaken in a sacred space that kicks off the awakening process. Clients who apply and are accepted to work with us at the Journeymen Collective experience a facilitated, highly personalized, and intensive plant medicine journey designed to eradicate outdated thought patterns and emotional programs so they can accelerate their conscious vision for life and business into reality. Our clients have a deep sense that they’ve got untapped potential lying dormant within themselves, and are seeking a way to identify and release it. They’ve already made tremendous strides in their lives and careers, but know that they can still do more. There is an inner sense and inner yearning calling from within that wants out into the world.

We are with our clients throughout their entire journey, both physically and in the metaphysical realms. We insist on an ultra high level of support because our focus is helping clients shift out of limiting patterns of operation to higher and more expansive states of awareness. 

Our mission is to support visionary thinkers and entrepreneurs in getting unstuck and reaching new levels of clarity, we help them learn from what they’ve experienced in the shamanic journey so that they can immediately apply those new discoveries in their lives and work. This grounds the spiritual energies into reality for harmony in relationships, prosperity in business and a palpable vibrancy for life. 

Sounds pretty mind-blowing, right? Believe us, it is. 

If you allow it to be … 

Shamanic journeys are active, not passive

While all guided journeys are undertaken with the oversight and expertise of trained shamans, that doesn’t mean that the client gets to show up, space out, and let the wisdom wash over them. A rewarding and impactful journey requires active engagement and participation from the client. That means doing the preparation work, committing to being fully present during the ceremony, and diving into integration or synthesis of the mystical experience afterwards.

The best shamans will facilitate this by screening their clients before agreeing to guide them. They intuit whether they will have a genuine connection with the client, and determine whether that client will be able to open up to allow that connection to unfold during the journey. If the shaman believes they’ll be able to authentically guide someone, it then falls to the client to make themselves fully ready to clear out the old and embody the new frequencies that reside within.

That can be harder than it sounds.

Here’s what we tell clients who are accepted to work with us: You must be fully ready to meet all aspects of yourself. You must be willing to be guided, open, honest, and respectful throughout the entire experience to maximize the benefit for your own personal growth and expansion. You must be willing to surrender all expectations of what you think you need and be willing to receive exactly what universal divine intelligence provides.

That can feel vulnerable, which is another reason why screening and onboarding are so crucial. Especially for first-time travelers, there must be an abundance of trust paired with a grounded belief that they’ll be exploring within themselves in a very safe and judgment-free environment. At the Journeymen Collective we make sure we get to know each client before introducing the plant medicine into the equation, showing them they can remove their filters and let down their guard with us. We tell them they should do so because it will help them locate and recognize their inner truths; and we tell them they can do so because we uphold shaman/client confidentiality just like medical doctors do with their patients!

If you’re worried about diving into a journey and being forced to face unexpected or strange situations, take it from us: the only thing you are going to face is YOU. Which means you’ll be completely safe, but also means you need to make a full commitment right from the start. Are you devoted to connecting with your higher purpose? Are you willing to let everything go in order to fulfill your highest destiny?

If not, a journey of this magnitude is not for you. It’s only for the brave and for those willing to be responsible for the deeply sacred and mystical work.

Working with any shaman is a profound experience, but those who are selected to journey with us are led through a deeply intensive experiential educational process. They must be ready to get out of their own way, and accept the full, aligned, attuned version of themselves that will emerge. Our clients are always willing to being fully responsible for grounding their discoveries into an ever evolving creation in their life and business.

What if something goes wrong?

Again, the purpose of a guided journey is to expand your consciousness and evolve your true self … so the things that “go wrong” will be rooted in your own fears or judgement. The two of us emphasize the transmutation of fear within our clients by facing the fear and dissolve the energy with the purity of presence. But if something arises during the journey that is unnerving or frightening, we—like all heart-centered and compassionate shamans—will be right there to help navigate it, the metaphysical wilderness of your soul, with you. There is nothing to fear as it's simply old energy that wants to be liberated into freedom. 

The main thing we’ve seen cause trouble for our clients is called “looping.” A loop is a recurring image or sensation that arises during the journey, and some people find it a bit jarring. But the loop is actually a lesson; it appears because the client has something to learn from it. So, as guides, we help the client tease out the meaning and articulate the lesson so they can use it to catalyze growth. Once they accept that the loop isn’t harmful, the fear vanishes.

Guided journeys are truly transformative experiences. They leverage unique spiritual technology to clear energetic blocks that hold you back from clarity of highest purpose. Every journey is unique, but all of them lead to elevated awareness and expanded consciousness.

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