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What Michael Pollan's Book Teaches Us About Psychedelic Journeys

Michael Pollan's book is normalizing psychedelics for people who may have thought that these magical substances would fry one's brain like an egg to render one's self useless. On the contrary, planet medicine psychedelics empower people to live soul-centered lives that allows people to consciously contribute to the harmony of existence for all who live on the planet. I think most people who grew up in the 80's or 90's were taught in the educational system about the dangers of using "drugs." I distinctly remember a police officer presenting to young impressionable minds on the dangers of using such substances. All were simply bad and we were programmed to "just say no". Never, were we every informed of their true potency to unleash one's fullest potential, their ability to clear generational trauma, depression, anxiety energies, increase creativity or how they have the ability to expand awareness of the energetic metaphysical world.

Here's the thing. Most psychedelics are a product of nature and grow naturally in our ecosystem as a mechanism of balance for the greater whole. They are not to be feared, but revered. Yes. Reverence for what nature has gifted us. When plant medicine psychedelics are facilitated in a respectful manner with a professional attitude that leans toward reverence then one is able to garner greater awareness of self. Every bit and byte (sometimes Terrabytes) of information that is presented to the brave soul who embarks on a shamanic journey is given the visions to that being to translate the energy into applied learning. The learning is translated into action and it's the action in an aligned state of flow that attunes ones' consciousness to higher dimensions of reality. This aligned state is a discovery of one's every evolving center point of awareness that allows for higher and higher levels of discernment to read subtle energetic cues.    

One of Pollan's messages that he brings to the forefront is that all of his experiences were guided. The guidance amplifies the medicine's true power when respect, reverence and an intention are weaved into the ceremonial space. Reverence and expertly attuned guidance grants  to consciously craft a space in deep resonate union with that of the medicine. Masterful guidance is always the key to translating the transcendental experience back into reality. 

For example, if you were going to embark on an epically powerful wilderness experience in wilds of Canada most would hire a guide to be there with them. This wilderness experience is expertly crafted by the guide and still allows the individual to embark on their own journey by being educated through preparation. The guide doesn't take over leadership of the journey, however, the guide is there with them every step of the way to grant safe passage throughout the natural world. A masterfully guided journey is akin to this scenario; yet, the entire shamanic journey is all on the inside within the metaphysical terrain of the individual's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being. An expertly guided shamanic journey is like the going out into a guided wilderness tour; however, when one dives into the sacred space of Self the guide is helping you navigate the wilds of the inner multidimensional universe within your being so that you clear out the old, connect more deeply within Self and the innate intelligence of the universe and expand your awareness of reality. The medicine (or skill) of the guide you choose to work with is of key importance as their being, their masterfully crafted awareness and ability to navigate through the metaphysical terrain is paramount. A guided journey allows for higher levels of integration of touchstone moments to take place after the ceremonies because the shaman is with you as you move through the inner landscape of Self. Recall of the touchstones allows for the mystical to be integrated into your life and business. 

Another potent determinate when entering the sacred is that of the space of you. Humans are 99.99999% space, and the rest is matter. During ceremony, a masterfully professional guide is always curating the space that you are lovingly held within and attunes their awareness of the client(s) so that the space is continually cleansed and cleared, protected, and maintained to ensure the safe passage through the inner wilds of the infinite dimensions of self. Curating the space is a constant process of listening, seeing, feeling, hearing and even smelling and tasting the energy that is present. This heightened sense of awareness takes place on the outside in the space of the dwelling and sensing the energy from the inside. The highly attuned curation of space allows for the highest order of energy and information to stream through the bandwidth of the individual that has embarked on the journey. Professional guides manicure the divine wifi connection during sacred ceremony.

Whatever you are shown during a journey with psychedelics is shown to you for a reason and the medicine along with the medicine/skill of the shaman meets you where you are at in the evolution of you. The visuals and experience you go through are given to you by higher intelligence of nature so that you can decompose the old energies within yourself that no longer serve you and you release conditioning from your past that is no longer yours to carry. The baggage is released so that you can step fully into the most epically divine and potently powerful version of you the world has yet to see.  

A number of our clients have read Pollan's book and didn't know where to turn to find a guide who is professional, respectful of the medicine, maintains a high level of integrity for learning via a sacred experiential gauntlet. Yes. Gauntlet. The work is not for the faint at heart. One must be willing to fully face themselves and unknown elements of the multifaceted mystical realm we live within. Yes. There are all realms other than the one we are meeting on, in the here in the now. (More on that in another article.) Grounding the transcendental experience back into reality will allow for true transformation of reality.

When an individual connects deeply with an ever-evolving awareness to design a soul-centered reality this connection facilitates the ability to live as an embodiment of a conscious vision for the planet. Humans are capable of remembering that we all tread upon a living, breathing and conscious organism - called Earth. For most, there is an unseen sentience that facilitates an on going opening up one's awareness to the unseen, the unheard, and the unfelt consciousness moving through the entire universe. Each and every human can learn to be superhuman and  connect deeply with the cosmos and the planet to translate the highest universal harmonics into form when you allow for masterful guidance to be a cornerstone of your psychedelic plant medicine journey. 



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