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How to Change Your Mind, Body and Awaken to Your Soul

Luxury guided plant-medicine journey in Kelowna, BC.

How to Change your Mind. The Netflix series on Psychedelics is now live.

Have you watched this series yet? If you want to know more about the power, potency and wonder of psychedelics put this series on your list of must watch.

Michael Pollan is leading the way

Michael Pollan has been an epic spokesperson for the efficacy of psychedelics and he’s also a proponent of always having a guide. If you’re an entrepreneur, professional, or executive who is looking to change your mind, change your being from the inside out then let this series be another sign that it’s time you entrust a masterful guide into the metaphysical realms within. The greatest power you will ever wield is the expansiveness of your multidimensional awareness of pure reality.

In today’s blog post I want to touch into several different television shows and series that have been broadcast through mainstream television.

Psychedelics, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Professionals…oh my.

The Journeymen Collective expertly guide entrepreneurs, executives and professionals through the metaphysical wilderness of the inner universe within self. As you explore the inner recesses of mind and spirit having a guide on the inside is the ultimate psychedelic experience. No one guides like The Journeymen Collective as most people are sitters or are sitting with people. A master guide is on the inside with you to guide you through the entire experience so that you bring the transcendental threads of information into your every day living such that you create conscious form from the information you’ve received. We often here our clients say: “How do you do it? You’re everywhere. I close my eyes and you’re with me. I open my eyes and you’re with me.” When we guide, we are with you on the inside and as a result can help you bridge the gap between your experience and understanding what you’ve been shown so that you create from those touchstone moments. These touchstone moments can be accessed for the rest of you life which gives rise to an infinite return on investment.  

We speak with people from all around the world who have watched shows like Fantastic Fungi or 9 Perfect Strangers and start to become intrigued about embarking on a shamanic plant medicine journey. The Journeymen Collective provide high level support that provides preparation, guidance from the inside during the in-person intensive and applied integration support that allows the deeply transformation and transcendental experience to be synthesized into your life, relationships and business.

Most people are unaware that shamans and spiritual advisors were deeply revered for their council in yee olden day by kings and queens until the institution of the church create division between mystical truths and religious doctrine. Luckily, we are seeing more people waking to trusting the mysticism and opening their awareness to universal laws of multidimensional reality.

It's apparent that the human collective wants to know more and allow themselves to experience shamanic journey and potency of psychedelic plant medicine experiences.

Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi is a brilliant documentary that touches into how powerful fungi, aka mushrooms, are at decomposing the old that allows for nourishment of the new. The mycelium network that connects the fruit, the mushroom, is like an underground wifi network, and it operates by sending information through network so that the forest can flourish.  This is exactly what takes place in guided journey. The Journeymen Collective guide you, from the inside, to get present to what no longer serves your highest and fullest expression and the journey allows you to let it go. The letting go process provides space for new information to come to and through you that will nourish your soul and life’s visionary reality.

The other program I wanted to touch into is 9 Perfect Strangers. Thank you, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans and the entire cast and production team for bringing light to the topic and healing power of psychedelics. It’s a creative mini series that brings people into a modern contemporary retreat setting for a healing journey and the facilitator, Kidman’s role, hides the fact that she’s been giving guests a cocktail of psychedelics. The portrayal is obviously a drama and, unfortunately, paints the facilitation of journeys in an underhanded light of trickery and mind-fuckery. Plant medicines are sacred tools that deserve respect and reverence.  The Journeymen Collective establish deep trusting relationships with their clients where personal boundaries and confidentiality are of utmost importance.  With us, you may let go of stagnant energy holding you back from the bigger, brighter, and more empowered version of yourself. The work we offer is brought through us in a similar modern luxurious setting; however, it’s pure of heart and soul with the highest levels of integrity and intentionality for the growth and expansion of the high performers that we guide through their inner wilderness.

A new season of 9 Perfect Strangers is in the works and for those who have viewed the first season may be turned off from ever exploring psychedelics for the first time. Then, for the more experienced individual who knows what a journey is really all about the show may cause a slight vibe of annoyance and or a smidge of frustration as it portrays the use psychedelics in a hidden, underhanded delivery that leads to psychosis. The brilliant aspect is the drama-series allows for a portraying of deep healing that creates freedom from the past.

Psychedelics and Investing

With these programs coming to light there is another stream of consciousness that is taking shape in the world. There is a marketplace looking to capitalize on the science and efficacy of the chemistry of nature.

Where is the best place to invest money in the psychedelic stock marketplace? What’s the best opportunity for investment in 2022? These are two questions that we hear from a lot of people interested in the business of psychedelics.

The greatest product one needs to invest into is Self. Yes. Know thyself. Countless people ask as “What company or product should I invest in the psychedelic market? Where should I put my money for maximum return?”

Psychedelic Journeys - Business Culture

The Journeymen Collective’s answer is always invest in yourself. Invest in an actual journey with a high level of support. Invest in your own growth and the ROI will be greater than any amount of money from investing in stock. High caliber personal and spiritual development allows an individual to have personalize, bespoke guidance to clear out the old stagnant energy (aka the old baggage – And yes, we all have baggage), connect more deeply with your power and empowerment of self to amplify the clarity of your vision, and garner a greater viscerally potent experience of how the universal laws operate through your being. It can be deeply uncomfortable. However, when you lean into that discomfort you will access greater alignment to discern the decision(s) that accelerate your vision into form. It’s truly the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. Then, upon experiencing the power and potency of a guided medicine journey then let yourself be guided to the company or companies you are to invest in based a deep visceral knowing of what will serve you and the entire collective of humanity and the planet.

When you let go of need to make more money you will learn to use inspired and aligned action that will allow you to receive more prosperity than you can ever imagine because you are aligned with a potent and deeply powerful current. There is no need to invest in what’s trending because when you live into and awaken to your predetermined destiny and legacy where there is a deep sacred current of infinite and pure prosperity.


The Journeymen Collective specialize in curating luxurious shamanic plant medicine journeys for visionaries who yearn to elevate and grow conscious business for the whole of humanity and the planet.

We empower executives, change-makers, thought-leaders, high performing entrepreneurs and professionals to connect deeply into Self to amplify their awareness and to accelerate their conscious vision for life and business into reality.

Do you have a deep sense that you have untapped potential laying dormant within and you simply have yet to be shown have to access the universe inside you?


The Journeymen Collective are here to help you answer that inner knowing with you so that you create a visionary reality.


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