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What track is the train of your life on? Is Your Life on Track?

water waves on the deep blue ocean representing peace and tranquility with the hills in the shadow over the bright sky

Sometimes in life, we that feel we are on a never-ending train that is leading nowhere, running in circles or not heading in a direction you wish. This looping phenomenon is felt by most where people have resigned to the idea that, “this is the way life is!” Many people have bought into the idea that 

“Life is supposed to be hard, painful, depressing, a challenge, suffering, heartbreak, despair…”

There are times when you feel happiness. For example, on vacation, celebrations and holiday events. As you know all too well, the happy vibes from these events are fleeting. You are now back from vacation and you’re back on track to ‘normal life’ or ‘reality. These thought and feeling patterns are what you have been conditioned to believe how life really is supposed to be. Unlearning these thought patterns is the first step to the track towards the one of your choosing. When you amplify self-awareness, you get to choose happiness, joy, love, peace, harmony and every other epic emotion in the emoticon lexicon. There are and willing always be derailing when life’s events pull you into grief, sadness, and sorrow. Experiencing these emotions and feelings is part of being human that we must always honor. However, staying in a negative emotional state will pull you out of alignment and take you off track. Gather your thoughts and bring yourself back to the engine of moving forward. The engine of presence.

There are many tracks that your life’s train can be on.  All we need to do is have the courage to acknowledge that track that is no longer serving us, jump off the old, and hop on to the one that is going to serve your highest good. You can jump tracks and get on the best train of thought to happiness, joy, prosperity, abundance, love, kindness and any other feeling of epic-ness.

Here is an example of a track you may be on if you are seeking to be in partnership or friendship and this may be part of the inner monologue taking place inside your head. Yes. The voice inside your head can be loud and destructive.

You wish to be in a relationship. You think you’ve tried everything: Online, blind dates, night clubs/bars, community events, singles travel companies, hiking, running clubs, swimming clubs and fitness clubs.

The narrative within may sound like this:

“I will always be alone.”

“I will never be in love.”

“I will grow old, sad and lonely.”

“I’ve made wrong choice in all my relationships.”

“Everyone I meet is boring and dull and not a right match for me.”

“My mother was right, I will never find the perfect one, just settle for the next best thing.”

“It’s hard to meet people.”

“Life’s hard.”

“Oh, I could never do that; it’s too much work and effort; it’s too late; I’m too old, etc. It's scary, I might fail, I might be rejected….”

The monkey mind dialogue is endless. Does it sound familiar? This is all victim mode keeping you away from the world of freedom.

The great news is that you can change tracks! You have the ability to change the track of life and jump on to a track that is going to serve you to the fullest and what you are longing for deep fulfillment.



Use your awareness of the self destructive track to change the thoughts, change the dialogue and watch your world change shape.

“I will always be alone”: Companionship is all around me.

“I will never be in love”: I love myself so that I can love and be in love.

“I will grow old, sad and lonely”: My life as I grow is one of happiness, joy and full of vitality.

“I’ve made wrong choice in all my relationships”: I’ve learned from my past relationships that they were choices, not right or wrong.

“Everyone I meet is boring and dull and not a right match for me”: I only meet exciting, vibrant and happy people in my life.

“My mother was right, you will never find the perfect one, just settle for the next best thing”: That was my mother’s path not mine: I will be the best so that I can live my best to meet the best.

"It’s hard to meet people": It easy for me to meet the best people in my life.

“Life’s Hard”: I live my life with ease and grace.

“Oh, I could never do that; it’s too much work and effort; it’s too late; I’m too old, etc. Its scary, I might fail, I might be rejected”…You fill in the best dialogue

Write a list of who you wish to meet.

My WISH List to the Universe:

I wish to meet a man/woman, who is tall, caring, compassionate, has a sense of humor, is financially stable, loving, healthy/fit/active, outgoing, sensitive, spiritual, dark hair, good teeth, brilliant smile, lives in the same city. Let the list be concise.

Let’s start by writing down what you wish to be on your Train of Life wishlist:

  1. I want a Life Partner, spouse or whatever you wish to label the relationship.
  2. He/She is Caring, Compassionate, Positive outlook, tall/short, list what your dream person would be.
  3. My Life partner allows me to fully be me in my growth and evolution

Continue your list until you feel it is complete.

Now that you have your wish list, what do you do to stay on track?

Listen and be aware of the thoughts that no longer serve you or that are telling you what you want to hear. Change your thoughts.

Be what you want now.

Feel into your wants and desire.

Starting today, commit to doing one thing every day so you are on your track that serves your highest good. Learn to catch yourself derailing into your old patterns of thought and feeling.






This practice will allow you to be on your OWN chosen TRACK.

Be on the track of joy, love, peace and harmony. 

Jump off that track of “normal life”.

Be true to you and the train of your life will move quickly in the direction that you’ve chosen.

Go Forward in Joy, Happiness, Love and Peace. Be you.


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